Hand Painted Basins

A hand painted hand basin with 'splatter' glaze

Each hand basin is custom made.

After the hand basin has been thrown on the potter’s wheel it will be glazed with one of the glazes below, depending on which one you choose, then fired. Please note that because each basin and glaze is hand made to your specification, colours may vary slightly. The hand painted splattered glaze will definitely vary as each one is individually crafted.

Alternatively you might not want a coloured glaze but simply have a plain cream or white basin.

There are also stencil designs available.

How to order: you can either use the shopping cart facility and pay online with PayPal, or you can call us and place your hand basin order over the phone. We will accept cheques and payment via the Internet (e.g. Internet banking). Note that we are currently only taking orders from the UK.

Please remember you can call us anytime to discuss sink options.

hand paited sinks
White Glaze
hand painted basin
Cream Glaze
Splatter glaze
Splatter Glaze